* Items for school decorations and arts & crafts *

We are looking for the following items to use for decorating the school and for art & craft activities on the day:

  • Strong, preferably white, LONG paper rolls (eg wrapping paper rolls)
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Square cardboard boxes (roughly 40-60cm cube size)
  • Corks
  • Plastic bottle tops

Please drop these items off at SKIP any time between now and next Friday, 23rd.


* Donations for the lucky draw or auction *

We are looking for more items – goods or services – that we can use for the lucky draw or auction, for example new goods (eg unwanted gifts), restaurant or spa vouchers, shop vouchers or event passes.


* Home Baked Stall *

We will be looking for baked goodies (sweet or savoury) to stock our popular home baked stall, for example mince pies, biscuits, cakes, fudge, preserves etc.  Details will be emailed to you separately.


* Help on the day *

We have lots of great activities and games lined up for the children but will need your help to run these stalls.  We will be in touch nearer the time to see if you can spare an hour on the day to help out.