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The final two decades have seen a fast expansion of research centered on utilizing mind activity to directly control exterior devices. While this holds some promise to hasten the retrieval of sounds, words, and phrases saved within the laptop, access pace will always be a difficulty. Recently, an intriguing series of research has been printed that has taken a different tack on the problem. These studies report on a single research participant with lockedin syndrome (Brumberg, Wright, Andreasen, Guenther, & Kennedy, 2011). Locked-in syndrome is a situation sometimes related to bilateral damage to the brainstem leading to full paralysis of all voluntary muscular tissues aside from selected eye actions. In these research, the participant consented to have a small array of recording electrodes surgically implanted over the speech motor area of the frontal lobe. The activity of those electrodes was wirelessly transmitted throughout the scalp and routed to a system that processed the neural activity. This neural activity was then used to directly control a speech synthesizer that would produce a selection of vowel sounds. The participant might systematically alter the formant values of the vowels produced by the speech synthesizer by consciously altering the exercise within the speech motor cortex. The delay time between the activation of the recording electrodes and the production of the vowel sound was about 50 milliseconds, which has similarities to the response delay from motor cortex to the speech articulators underneath wholesome situations. After about two dozen brief coaching classes over a 5-month interval, the participant demonstrated vital enhancements in studying to produce three completely different vowels by consciously altering his brain exercise. Classification of meant phoneme manufacturing from persistent intracortical microelectrode recordings in speech-motor cortex. One of the primary indicators that a newborn is in good health is that she or he lets out a sharp, loud cry. In the primary couple of months of life, the new child is basically producing reflexive phonations such as coughing, sneezing, and, of course, crying. Between 1 and 3 months, infants transition right into a cooing stage by which vowel-like sounds are produced. This can additionally be the time frame when the infant cry differentiates from one stereotypical acoustic pattern to many nuanced and extra advanced acoustic pat- terns. In different words, infants develop many various varieties of cries that turn out to be simply identifiable by the caregiver. Between three and eight months is the enlargement section of vocalization when the infant sharpens his or her vowel clarity and broadens the sound repertoire to include behaviors like yells, whispers, squeals, laughter, and raspberries (Oller, 2000). Between 5 and 10 months, infants additionally start to produce strings of uniform consonant�vowel syllables. Within a couple of short months, the child begins to produce extra variable syllable sequences. While the earliest phases of vocalization are thought of common to all linguistic environments, language-specific sounds begin to emerge during this transitional period. The ubiquity of these early vocal behaviors means that they might be a necessary antecedent to subsequent speech improvement. One speculation is that these 556 Neuroscience Fundamentals for communication sciences and problems sectioN four behaviors allow the toddler to explore the vocal sensorimotor house and make connections between a given articulatory configuration and the ensuing sound (Fagan, 2015). Sensorimotor exploration, combined with frequent auditory publicity to native language sound systems, may assist the kid put together for the transition to forming language-specific sounds themselves. Consistent with this view, a study of toddler nonspeech oral motor actions revealed that during their first year of life, infants do systematically alter the kinematic traits of those early nonspeech movements (Green & Wilson, 2005). Studies have established basic patterns for the emergence and mastery of varied speech sounds for a given language. However, many of those research depend on phonetic transcriptions, which are susceptible to rater bias and may fail to discern smaller and subtler phonetic variations that will replicate finer incremental adjustments in skill growth. Fortunately, technical advances over the last couple of many years have made it a lot simpler to acquire detailed acoustic and articulatory kinematic information on children of all ages (Green & Nip, 2010).

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Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy having clubbing and periosteal new bornformation. Concept Respiratory System the best marker to differentiate benign and malignant mesothe lioma is p53. Its mutation is current in malignant meso thelioma and this mutation is absent in benign mesothelioma. A 9 12 months old woman Bandhini developed a 10 mm area of induration on the left forearm seventy two hours after intradermal injection of zero. On the third post operative day, he complains of increasing problem in respiration. The finger probe reveals presence of pO2 of 60 mm Hg but the affected person is afebrile to contact. One evening the resident physician notices that Mr Thapa coughs up copious mucoid sputum following which his situation improves dramatically. In a heavy smoker with persistent bronchiolitis, which of the following is more probably to be seen: (a) Centrilobularemphysema (Kolkata 2003) (b) Panacinaremphysema (c) Paraseptalemphysema (d) Noneoftheabove 22. A 37 yr old male Ranjir Kapoor presents to the hospital with progressive exertional dyspnea. His symptoms began insidiously however have progressed steadily to the extent that now he has an issue even in his every day actions. A 30 12 months old girl Chinamma has had growing dyspnea with cough for the previous week. On examination, she is afebrile however has intensive dullness to percussion over all the lung fields. Autopsy of a person reveals a small cluster of caseating granulomas in the proper lung simply above the interlobar fissure and similar granulomas in the hilar lymph nodes. Collapse of lung is called: (a) Emphysema (b) Bronchiactasis (c) Atelectasis (d) Bronchitis 15. The earliest feature of tuberculosis is: (a) Caseation (b) Recruitmentoflymphocytes (c) Formationofgiantcells(Langhans) (d) Granulomaformation 15. Maximum smooth muscle relative to wall thickness is seen in (a) Terminalbronchiole (b) Trachea (c) Bronchi (d) Respiratorybronchioles 15. The alveoli are full of exudates the air is displaced changing the lung right into a solid organ this description suggests (a) Chronicbronchitis b) Bronchialasthma ((c) Bronchiectasis (d) Lobarpneumonia 15. Electron Most Recent Questions microscopic examination of the biopsy tissue shows many lamellar bodies. Creola bodies are seen in: (a) Bronchialasthma which of the next substances in the pathogenesis (b) Chronicbronchitis of the above described condition John has had rising (c) Empyema dyspnea for the past 3 years with associated occasional (d) Bronchogeniccarcinoma cough however little sputum manufacturing. Thickening of pulmonary membrane is seen in: (a) Asthma associated with expiratory wheeze. Which of the next is the attribute feature of (b) Centriacinaremphysema adult respiratory misery syndrome Which of the following is characteristically not Which of the following scientific observations is instantly related to the development of interstitial lung related to this change in compliance Which of the following inhaled occupational pollutant produces in depth nodular pulmonary fibrosis Pleural calcification is found in all the following except: (Bihar 2003) (a) Asbestosis (b) Hemothorax (c) Tuberculouspleuraleffusion (d) Coalworkerpneumoconiosis 50. Acute pulmonary sarcoidosis is least more doubtless to be associated with: (Bihar 2004) (a) Uveitis (b) Pleuraleffusion (c) Erythemanodosum (d) Lymphadenopathy fifty two. A forty yr old air-hostess man has experienced rising respiratory problem for the previous 18 months. A 44-year-old woman presents with insidious onset of (b) Heartwithcoronarythrombosis shortness of breath, chest pain, and fatigue. Chest x-ray (c) Liverwithhypovolemicshock (d) Kidneywithsepticembolus movies reveal bilateral pulmonary infiltrates and enlarged hilar lymph nodes. All are the histological options of pulmonary hyperexposure to mineral dusts or organic dusts. He carries (d) Respiratoryfailure a battery of investigations on these patients including 55.


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Fast signal propagation of the motion potential is a critical physiological mechanism to make sure the timeliness of muscle contraction during voluntary practical motor exercise. The motor endplate is a highly specialised region of the sarcolemma characterized by quite a few invaginations referred to as junctional folds (Lee & Thompson, 2012; Mentis, 2013). The intracellular spaces across the folds include ample numbers of mitochondria and nuclei, attesting to the high energetic and metabolic necessities of this area. Remember that this process acts because the trigger for initiating the sarcomere-related mechanisms for contraction and subsequent pressure improvement. Step 2: Depolarization of the presynaptic terminal membrane ends in the opening of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels. Opening of these channels results in a massive influx of Ca2+ into the terminal, initiating synaptic vesicle motion towards the terminal membrane. Like most chemical synapses, neurotransmitter launch is a calcium-dependent course of. Depolarization of the motor endplate though Na+ inflow produces the motor endplate potential. Ca2+ bathes the myofilaments and initiates the onset of cross-bridge formation and contraction. Step 2: Depolarization of the sarcolemma is carried inward to the deep regions of the muscle fiber via the T-tubules. Recall that the T-tubules are linked to the sarcolemma, which is itself an excitable form of membrane. Propagation of the depolarization invades the T-tubules and passes via into the triads. Step three: At the triads, the excitatory sign carried by way of the T-tubules depolarizes the cisternae of the sarcoplasmic reticulum. Voltage-gated Ca2+ channels situated on the cisternae membrane open in response to the wave of depolarization passing by way of the triad. Opening of those voltage-gated channels results in the release of Ca2+ into the sarcoplasm. With Ca2+ freely out there and bathing the myofilaments, the method of sarcomere contraction may be initiated. Two calcium ions bind to troponin, resulting in a conformational change in each troponin and tropomyosin. This calcium-dependent conformational change results in a "flexing" and rotation of tropomyosin that exposes and unblocks the myosin binding sites on actin. Step 3: With the myosin binding websites on actin uncovered, the myosin molecule is chemically attracted to the websites. Myosin flexes at its pivot point, elevating the myosin head and allowing for cross-bridge formation. Without this bodily linkage between myosin and actin, no pressure can be developed in the sarcomere. If we use our previous visual analogy of myosin resembling an outstretched arm and hand, this is the section within the cycle where the hand (globular head) grabs hold (chemical attraction) of a hook positioned above it (myosin binding web site on actin). This disassociation permits for the bending and flexion of the myosin head from its "loaded" high-energy position to its low-energy flexed place. Returning to our analogy, this would be like your hand and wrist flexing and pulling on the hook to move regardless of the hook is attached to over your hand and arm. As lengthy as binding websites on actin stay out there due to the continued presence of calcium, the myosin head can launch, reenergize, then mix again with another myosin binding web site additional down the actin filament and pull once more. Continued cross-bridge biking on this manner ends in a steady sliding of actin over myosin. Think of this course of like using an alternating sample of hand over hand movement to reel in a rope. It was once thought that contraction was the result of the skinny and thick filaments themselves shortening. At the middle of the sliding filament concept is the formation of the cross-bridge between actin and myosin. The cross-bridge is the key issue that results in the development of drive in the sarcomere and subsequently the muscle (Franzini-Armstrong & Sweeney, 2012). In the absence of calcium, the myosin binding sites on actin are blocked by the overlap of tropomyosin.

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For example, tactile sensations can really feel like a flutter, or a stretch, or stress; meals can style salty or candy; photos can vary in their coloring or brightness. Underlying the flexibility to detect the number of sensory qualities (submodalities) that exist is the notion that sensory receptors function as a bandpass filter, highlighting a specific vitality range inside a complex stimulus and ignoring or attenuating the relaxation of the signal. As with all tuning curves, the minimal depth required to optimally activate the receptors can be quantified, as nicely as how the receptor adjustments its response to stimulus inputs that stray away from optimum. In other phrases, tuning curves reveal that a given sensory receptor has a range of vitality that it responds to round its optimum stimulus. Because sensory receptors are delicate to a restricted range of inputs, the direct implication of this idea is that to transduce a naturally occurring sensory expertise that possesses a broad range of stimulus energies. Simply put, sensation (for essentially the most part) must match the physique half in action or the region of the physique being attended to at any particular second. To decide the situation and level of origin of a stimulus event, the mind must possess some technique of "mapping" or representing exterior house to central neural structures. The simple place of a sensory receptor inside a given sensory organ is a vital component conveying modality specific properties (size, form, shade, smell, frequency) and the placement of a stimulus. A receptive area is outlined as the pores and skin area, visual subject space, or tonal space during which an sufficient stimulus generates action potentials in a sensory receptor. Simply acknowledged, the receptive subject is the world or area of area being "monitored" by a sensory neuron. A stimulus that lands throughout the confines of a receptive area will activate a given sensory receptor, whereas a stimulus falling exterior of that region would lead to no response from that receptor. Small receptive fields map onto a very small region of the sensory organ and are usually clustered in tight groupings, producing a high density of sensors in a given physique region, and allowing people to detect small variations in sensory input. Your capacity to determine exactly the place the sound is coming from or where your keys could additionally be situated is probably quite good beneath these situations. We are going to describe and carry out a two-point discrimination take a look at of tactile acuity. The two-point discrimination check is a straightforward assessment that grossly measures the dimensions and density of receptive fields on your pores and skin (Bell-Krotoski, Weinstein, & Weinstein, 1993; Gardner & Johnson, 2013; Gardner & Martin, 2000). In this check, an adjustable two-pronged probe is used to map the spatial resolution of the receptive fields on the pores and skin (their measurement and density in a patch of skin). You could make a simple probe equipment of your individual by uncurling 10 paperclips and bending them into the form of a V (you might want a pair of small plyers for this task). Label each probe utilizing a small piece of tape earlier than beginning in order that it is possible for you to to rapidly change from one probe measurement to one other. After assessing the skin of the fingertip, repeat this exact same process on the next different body elements: back of the hand, forearm, lip vermilion, cheeks, shoulder, and calf. If you did the process appropriately, you discovered two important issues about two-point contact sensitivity and discrimination. First, you probably found throughout your exam that there have been two probes, differing by 1 mm in their interval, that created the perception of either two points or one point. Detection of two factors on the skin requires the stimulation of two receptive fields. Two receptive fields (blue ovals) each connected to a different sensory receptor (green neurons). The take a look at probe (red compass) is about to a large enough distance the place every probe tip can contact a different receptive field. Under this condition, despite the very fact that two ideas are physically contacting the skin, just one point is perceived. In different words, why did one probe outcome in the perception of two points, but the different just one point This event causes the activation of two completely different sensory endings (highlighted in green) that convey this spatial data to the brain, resulting in the perception of two completely different points. The second issue that you just learned with regard to twopoint discrimination sense was that acuity adjustments radically relying on the physique location being tested.

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As Rh unfavorable blood is commonly in limited provide, Rh positive blood is used within the emergency transfusion of older females and males of unknown blood group. In such circumstances sensitization may happen however the threat of an immediate hemolytic reaction is low. O blood group is the common donor and subsequently, must be given to this patient. They are seen in: � � � � � � Normally in neonates (spleen is immature) Megaloblastic anemia is as a result of of dyserythropoiesis Post splenectomy due to absence of pitting operate of the spleen Acute severe hemolytic anemias Hyposplenia (radiation publicity, splenic trauma, autosplenectomy because of sickle cells disease) Myelodysplastic syndrome 139. It is inherited as an X-linked recessive traitQ and thus affects primarily males and homozygous females. Accordingly, serum erythropoietin levels in polycythemia vera are very low, whereas nearly all different forms of absolute polycythemia are brought on by elevated erythropoietin levels. It has the following capabilities: � It facilitates platelet adhesion by linking platelet membrane receptors to vascular endothelium (most essential function). In this sdiorder, there is an increase within the activated partial thrombolastin time and regular values of prothrombin time. As gestational age increases, the chains are changed by the chains, resulting in formation of adult hemoglobin, HbA. HbA1c is glycated hemoglobin and is used for each diagnosis and checking the compliance of a affected person having diabetes mellitus. These cells have a very high turnover fee, so the macrophages that happen to be hanging around get stuffed with cellular debris (they are at this level known as "tingible body macrophages"), and upon fixation, the cytoplasm falls away, leaving round white spaces filled with debris (the "stars"). Therefore, infants rapidly develop antibodies in opposition to the antigens not present in their very own cells. This H substance is fashioned by the addition of fucose to the glycolipid or glycoprotein spine. The subsequent addition of N-acetylgalactosamine creates the A antigen, while the addition of galactose produces the B antigen. Page 665 Blood products are sometimes liable for saving lives of individuals however could additionally be associated with the event of the problems. These embody: � Febrile nonhemolytic response: that is the most common complication leading to fever and chills, typically with mild dyspnea, within 6 hours of a transfusion of red cells or platelets. Allergic Reactions: Severe, probably fatal allergic reactions might occur when blood products containing sure antigens are given to previously sensitized recipients. Hemolytic Reactions: Acute hemolytic reactions are normally caused by preformed IgM antibodies towards donor purple cells that repair complement. Clinical features include fever with chills, flank ache, intravascular hemolysis, and hemoglobinuria. These are usually caused by IgG antibodies to overseas protein antigens and are associated with a positive direct Coombs check. It is related to a two hit speculation (priming event that results in increased neutrophils in the lung microvasculature followed by activation of the primed neutrophils). Infectious Complications: though any infection can be transmitted via blood products, however bacterial and viral infections are comparatively extra generally seen. Donor screening and infectious illness testing have reduced the incidence of viral transmission by blood merchandise. Precursor B-Cell Neoplasms * Precursor-B lymphoblastic leukemia or lymphoma Marginal zone lymphoma Hairy cell leukemia Plasmacytoma/plasma cell myeloma Diffuse massive B-cell lymphoma Burkitt lymphoma V. Chronic leukemias have a low rate of proliferation of tumor cells with good differentiation and their medical course is slow. The etiological brokers embody exposure to ionizing radiations as X rays, chemical like benzene, genetic problems like Down syndrome, ataxia telangiectasia and purchase problems like paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria and aplastic anemia. The leukemic cells also infiltrate the organs of the body like spleen, liver and lymph nodes inflicting splenomegaly, hepatomegaly and lymphadenopathy. Bone marrow growth is responsible for bone pain and tenderness (usually sternal tenderness) in these patients.

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A 42 years old woman Sugahi Ramamurty has a 3 month history of delicate persistent left sided chest pain. A biopsy taken after thoracotomy demonstrated the mass being composed of spindle cells resembling fibroblasts with plentiful collagenous stroma. A 75-year-old man Sukhdev Singh with a major smoking history presents to the emergency room with complaints of dyspnea and truncal, arm, and facial swelling for one week. Physical examination is outstanding for facial erythema and facial, truncal, and arm edema with prominence of thoracic and neck veins. Which of the next types of lung cancer is most likely to cause the described electrolyte imbalance Cavity formation is noticed in one of the following cardiac sounds on left facet of the chest but surprisingly bronchogenic carcinoma: the conventional heart beat on the best facet of the chest. Which of the following is having the minimal probabilities (c) Silicosis of inflicting a mesothelioma Least common explanation for clubbing is: (a) Adenocarcinoma (b) Squamouscellcancer (c) Smallcellcancer (d) Mesothelioma Respiratory System seventy four. Scar in lung tissue might get remodeled into: (a) Adenocarcinoma (b) Oatcellcarcinoma (c) Squamouscellcarcinoma (d) Columnarcellcarcinoma seventy four. In submit primary stage (late dissemination), coarse granular dissemination is called Aschoff Puhl focus. Characterized by inflammatory reaction predominantly restricted throughout the partitions of alveoliQ inside the interstitium. Caseous granulomas with multinuclear giant cells are current in both primary and secondary tuberculosis. It may happen postoperatively, or could complicate bronchial bronchial asthma, continual bronchitis, aspiration of foreign physique and so forth. Microatelectasis It can occur postoperatively, in diffuse alveolar damage, and in respiratory distress of the new child from loss of surfactant. Reactivationofdormant bacilli in old lesions or extra reexposure leads to secondary tuberculosis, with development of lesions. Cavitary tuberculosis (choice A) and miliary tuberculosis (choice D) are expressions of secondary an infection, following reactivation of old, usually clinically silent, lesions. The miliary kind is as a end result of of lymphohematogenous dissemination and subsequent seeding of tubercle bacilli all through the physique. Resorption Atelectasis � Due to airway obstruction leading to resorption of oxygen trapped within the alveoli. Contraction Atelectasis � Fibrosis within the lung or pleura preventing full enlargement of pulmonary tissue. Centriacinar emphysema has a predominantly higher lung lobe distribution and is strongly related to continual smoking. They are usu ally asymptomatic and develop on anterior and posterolateral components of parietal pleura and over the diaphragm. They are: Arterioles and small pulmonary arteries (most prominently affected) (i) Medial hypertrophy (ii) Thickening and reduplication of elastic lamina. About 3/4thof all infarcts affect the lower lobes Q Inmore than half, multiple lesions happen. Typically, they extend to the periphery of the lung substance as a wedge with the apex pointing towards the hilusQof the lung. Parvalbumin is low molecular calcium binding albumin protein localised in fast-contracting muscular tissues. A hamartoma is a peripheral intra-parenchymal mass with cartilage tissue and a significant component of fibrous connective tissue. Association of cardiac defects with syndromes � � � � Down syndrome ostium primum sort of atrial septal defect. Impaired lung operate, lung inflammation, lowered exercise capacity; elevated respiratory signs are associated withairpollution.

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  • Inflammation of small air passages in the lung (bronchiolitis) and other lung infections; kidney, stomach, and pelvic infections; hayfever; seizures; HIV/AIDS; nervous tension; hemorrhoids; prostate cancer; hepatitis; sores or swelling; osteoarthritis; fever; headache; red eyes; flushed face; psoriasis; and bitter taste in the mouth.
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Helmet cells are attribute of anemia of: (a) Hemolytic uremic syndrome (b) Polysplenia (c) Spherocytosis (d) Acanthocytosis 100. All are the options of hemolytic anemia except: (a) Hemoglobinuria (b) Jaundice (c) Increased haptoglobin (d) Hemosiderinuria 100. A 6yrs old baby belonging to Punjabi household with previous history of blood transfusions introduced with hemoglobin 3. Peripheral smear findings of microcytic hypochromic anemia with target cell and decreased osmotic fragility. A couple, with a family history of beta thalassemia main in a distant relative, has come for counseling. A 14-year-old male Kaalu is dropped at the emergency beta chain room with excessive grade fever, chest pain, and dyspnea. Evaluation right now (c) Binding of HbS to the deoxygenated HbA can extend reveals a hematocrit of 23% and reticulocyte count of the polymer and cause sickling of the pink blood cells 9%. Several hours after being admitted, the affected person dies (d) Lowering the concentration of deoxygenated HbS in the hospital. The hemoglobin electrophoresis exhibits (d) Deletion of gene the following: Hb A 60% and Hb S 40%. Which of the (e) Target cell are present following is more than likely true about this affected person Sickle cell anemia is the medical manifestation of sickle cell anemia and thalassemia major Hemoglobin H disease is brought on by deletion of: Most Recent Questions (a) A single a globin gene (Karnataka 2009) (b) Two a globin genes 121. In sickle cell anemia defect is by which chain: (a) Alpha chain (b) Beta chain (c) Both the chains (d) None of those 121. Sickle cell red blood cells have: (a) Altered stability (b) Altered capabilities (c) Decreased oxygen carrying capacity (d) Protective action against adult malaria 121. A 18 year old Afro American boy presenting with a non anticoagulant will you use for sending your pattern Most (c) Potassium oxalate + sodium fluoride probably cause is: (d) Tri Sodium citrate (a) Trinucleotide repeat 127. Molecular pathogenesis of thalassemia includes (d) Elliptocytosis (a) Mutation in transcription sequence (b) Gene deletion 128. A 40 years old male had undergone splenectomy 20 (d) Sickle �Hb E disease years in the past. Patient with hemophilia A have bleeding disorder because of: (a) Lack of platelet aggregation 137. The main hemoglobin present in an grownup is (a) HbA2 (b) HbA1 (c) HbA1c (d) HbA1b 141. Platelets development factor are synthesized by: (a) Glial cells (b) Endothelium (c) Fibroblasts (d) All of the above 141. Blood group antigens are (a) Carried by intercourse chromosomes (b) Attached to plasma proteins (c) Attached to hemoglobin molecule (d) Sometimes found in saliva 141. Stored plasma is deficient in (a) Factors 7 and eight (b) Factors 5 and 7 (c) Factors 5 and 8 141. Bence Jones protein in urine are as a outcome of the presence of (d) Factors 5, 7 and 8 (a) Light chain of monoclonal immunoglobulins 141. Carbohydrate present in blood group substance is (b) Heavy chain of monoclonal immunoglobulins (a) Fucose (b) Deoxyribose (c) Light chain of polyclonal immunoglobulins (c) Ribulose (d) Ribose (d) Heavy chain of polyclonal immunoglobulins 141. Howell-Jolly Body: these are remnants of the nucleus seen as small, round dark blue particles near the periphery of the cells; present in postsplenectomy, asplenia and severe hemolytic anemia. Cabot ring: these are pale staining nuclear remnants within the type of rings or determine of eight seen in hemolytic anemia, megaloblastic anemia, leukemia and after splenectomy. Erythropoietin is often released from the kidney in response to hypoxic or anemic situations. The proerythroblast (option c) is the first recognizable cell within the purple cell lineage. The reticulocyte (option d) is the enucleated cell simply before the mature pink blood cell. The commonest cause is metastatic cancer, most frequently carcinomas arising within the breast, lung, and prostate. This is due to disturbance of mechanisms regulating the egress of pink cells and granulocytes from the marrow.

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Beyond the piriform cortex, olfactory information seems to be distributed to frontal lobe and limbic areas of the cerebrum. The orbitofrontal cortex on the ventral surface of the cerebrum appears to be a main and direct frontal lobe cortical goal for the cognitive discrimination and appreciation of odors. Lesions of the orbitofrontal cortex produce profound odor discrimination deficits in people. The orbitofrontal cortex additionally receives olfactory data indirectly by way of the thalamus. Thalamic inputs to the orbitofrontal cortex are thought to affect emotional and motivational factors associated to scent, including the behavioral Box 9�3. Further interest: using smells to heighten our everyday experiences Can you think about right now the scent of peanuts, popcorn, and hotdogs at a baseball recreation Many firms have appeared into using smells to increase the enjoyment of the consumer or participant. You may detect the calming notes of eucalyptus or lavender in a massage therapy heart, or the odor of baked cookies and bread when entering a supermarket. Other firms, like Rolls-Royce, have even gone so far as to create their own "new automobile scent. Probably some of the well-known commercial examples of utilizing scent to manipulate people was the short-lived use of "Smell-O-Vision" in the Nineteen Sixties. Smell-O-Vision and different olfactory-related units were techniques that may release particular odors throughout a movie or tv show so viewers members might extra realistically experience key moments in the plot. Although Smell-O-Vision by no means made its means commercially into every residence or movie theater, as promised, techniques like it are nonetheless used right now in several big-named theme park sights. Perhaps at some point a brand new era of these techniques may make a return to a movie show or lounge close to you! The orbitofrontal cortex has additionally been shown to possess multimodal features, whereby neurons reply to the sight, smell, and taste of a food. Olfactory cortical inputs to hypothalamic nuclei and the amygdala are thought to type one other avenue although which olfactory inputs can affect feeding habits, emotional state, and instinctual animal responses (Murthy, 2011; Stettler & Axel, 2009). Gustatory System: An overview the cognitive appreciation of taste is gustation and therefore (not surprisingly) is processed by way of our gustatory system (Bear et al. The capability to style is an important perceptual capacity for our security during consuming, but in addition enhances our general quality of life. Because of the solubility of tastants, saliva operates as a concentrating mechanism to enhance the focus stage of a tastant. Interestingly, the notion of pleasant tastes requires a reasonably high focus to achieve, however substances which may be probably harmful have a relatively low focus threshold for his or her notion. This is a really useful and adaptive trait that allows us to detect and avoid potentially harmful substances corresponding to rotten foods or poisonous brokers with the smallest of exemplars. Some of our style preferences are common and considered innate responses that have developed over evolutionary time. Just about all of us have a constructive reaction to candy tasting substances, but a adverse response to bitter or sour tastants. With publicity to a wide range of tastes, the kid that solely likes to eat pancakes with ketchup or hot dogs coated in peanut butter will develop as a lot as get pleasure from a extensive range of meals. The general consensus is that people can detect 5 different courses of tastants: salty, sour, candy, bitter, and umami. While the primary 4 tastes are readily appreciated, umami could also be unfamiliar to you by name, but not by taste. Umami is the Japanese word for "savory" and corresponds to the sort of taste you expertise when consuming Chinese meals or some Latin American meals from Cuba or Puerto Rico. Elicited by the presence of naturally occurring glutamate in spices and cHaPter 9 the chemical senses: olfactory and Gustatory systems 387 condiments, umami is perceived solely by mammals (Bear et al. Given the restricted vary of tastes we are in a position to reliably detect, how will we presumably appreciate the wide range of flavors from foods across the world The notion of complicated flavors arises via the simultaneous activation of several totally different style qualities, to differing degrees. The capacity to detect a variety of tastants can be helped by the truth that our sense of style is intrinsically tied to our sense of scent.


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Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome It characterized by enlargement of body organs (organomegaly), macroglossia, hemihypertrophy, omphalocele and irregular giant cells in adrenal cortex (adrenal cytomegaly). The tumor normally presents as a big abdominal mass, which can prolong throughout the midline and down into the pelvis. The affected person may also present with fever and belly ache, with hematuria, or rarely, with intestinal obstruction as a outcome of stress from the tumor. The prognosis for Wilms tumor is usually excellent, and glorious results are obtained with a combination of nephrectomy and chemotherapy. It is the most common malignant cancer of the kidney affecting the poles of the kidney (more commonly higher pole). Males are more regularly affected (M:F ratio is 2 to three:1) in the age group of 6-7th decade. Genetic factors Kidney and Urinary Bladder Sarcomatoid change in any renalcancercausesworsening of prognosis. Clinical features embody the classical triadQ of hematuria (earliest and most common symptomQ; usually intermittent), palpable mass and flank ache. Hemorrhagic cystitis: Due to cytotoxic antitumor medicine like cyclophosphamide and Adenovirus. Dysuria - Painful or burning sensation or urination this triad may be related to fever and malaise. The commonest histological variant is the transitional cell tumors (urothelial tumors). Risk elements of urinary bladder cancers Transitional cell cancers � � CigarettesmokingQ. Adenocarcinoma Usually arises from urachal remnantsQ or in affiliation with intestinal metaplasiaQ. The prognostic markers include grade of tumor, presence of lamina propria invasion and associated carcinoma in situ. The worst prognosis is associated with tumor invading the muscularis mucosa (detrusor muscle)Q. Ultrasound studies show markedly enlarged kidneys with irregular margins and lots of fluid-filled spaces of different sizes. Adult polycystic kidney disease is inherited by: (a) Berry aneurysms of Circle of Willis (a) Autosomal dominant (b) Saccular aneurysms of aorta (b) Autosomal recessive (c) Fusiform aneurysms of aorta (c) X-linked (d) Leutic aneurysms (d) Mitochondrial four. In a specimen of kidney, fibrinoid necrosis is seen and onion peel appearance can also be current. A individual with radiologically confirmed reflux nephropathy develops nephritic vary proteinuria. Which of the following could be the most likely histological finding on this affected person Urinary examination reveals grade 3 proteinuria and the presence of hyaline and fatty casts. Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome is brought on as a outcome of mutation in the gene encoding for A youngster had hematuria and nephrotic syndrome (minimal change disease) was diagnosed. Visceral leishmaniasis causes (Karnataka 2005) (a) Membranous glomerulonephritis (b) Mesangioproliferative glomerulonephritis (c) Focal segmental glomerulonephritis (d) Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis 60. Histological hallmark of quickly progressive glomerulonephritis is (Karnataka 2004) (a) Crescents in most of the glomeruli (b) Loss of foot processes of epithelial cells (c) Subendothelial electron dense deposits (d) the thickening of glomerular capillary wall 61. Urinalysis reveals hematuria and proteinuria; examination of the urinary sediment reveals pink cell casts. An old man from a village Ram Khilavan has progressively increasing again pain for final 6 months. Which of the However, he then notices the event of an edema following histological diagnoses will most likely be on his decrease limbs. On examination, apart from pitting edema, (a) Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis his investigations reveal total serum protein 9. There is absence of (d) Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis glucosouria and hematuria but presence of proteinuria (4. Biopsy of the kidney followed by staining reveals the amorphous pink materials deposited within most up-to-date Questions glomeruli, interstitium, and arteries. All of the following lower in Nephrotic syndrome possible analysis of the old man

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Ans (a) bcl-2 (Ref: Robbin 9th/ 8thed: pg606) We have to determine a gene which should be succesful of inhibit apoptosis. It is seen in atherosclerosis, tuberculous lymph node and growing older or broken heart valves. Friends, Robbins seventh edn page 41-42 mentions that initiation of intracellular calcification happens within the mitochondria of dead or dying cells that accumulate calcium. Nothing is talked about relating to the involvement of mitochondria in metastatic calcification in both eighth or seventh version of Robbins. The increased size of the cells is due the synthesis of more structural components. Hormonal hyperplasia is finest exemplified by the proliferation of the glandular epithelium of the female breast at puberty and through being pregnant. It may be of two varieties: Dystrophic calcification or Metastatic calcification *In ankylosing spondylitis - There is calcification and ossification often most distinguished in anterior spinal ligament that provides "Flowing wax" appearanceQ on the anterior our bodies of vertebrae. It is an enthesopathy, inflicting bony overgrowths and ligamentous ossification and is characterized by flowing calcification over the anterolateral elements of vertebrae. This is secondary to the obstruction in the urine outflow following the graceful muscle in the bladder undergoes hypertrophy. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is due to action of the hormone dihydrotestosterone and never testosterone. In the liver, clear areas inside hepatocytes are most likely to be lipid, this modification being called fatty change or steatosis. It is an insoluble "put on and tear" (ageing) pigment present in neurons, cardiac myocytes, or hepatocytes. Psammoma bodies are characteristically found in papillary tumors, such as papillary carcinomas of the thyroid and papillary tumors of the ovary (especially papillary serous cystadenocarcinoma), however they can additionally be present in meningiomas or mesotheliomas. Non-keratinized, stratified, squamous epithelium (Ref: Robbins 8/e p770, 9/e p37) the esophagus is roofed by non-keratinized, stratified, squamous epithelium for its entire length. Heartburn is usually a sign of gastric regurgitation of the acidic contents within the decrease esophagus (acid reflux disease). This is in sharp distinction to all our competitors who give name and page number of books where this information is just not there. The progressive acquisition of outer layers might create lamellated configurations, known as psammoma bodies. Once the telomeres are shortened beyond a sure level, the lack of telomere operate results in activation of p53-dependent cell-cycle checkpoints, inflicting proliferative arrest or apoptosis. In germ cells, telomere shortening is prevented by the sustained operate of the enzyme telomerase, thus explaining the power of these cells to self-replicate extensively. This enzyme is absent in most somatic cells, and therefore they endure progressive lack of telomeres. Cancer cells stop telomere shortening by the reactivation of telomerase activity. Telomerase activity and maintenance of telomere length are essential for the maintenance of replicative potential in cancer cells. This group consists of each manganese-superoxide dismutase, which is localized in mitochondria, and copper-zinc-superoxide dismutase, which is found in the cytosol. Methenamine silver (Ref: Harsh Mohan 6/e p474) the appropriate stain is methenamine silver. The cysts, when stained with methenamine silver, have a attribute cup or boat form; the trophozoites are difficult to show without electron microscopy. Hematoxylin and eosin (choice B) is the routine tissue stainQ utilized in pathology laboratories. Trichrome stain (choice D) is sweet for distinguishing fibrous tissue from nerve and muscle. This deficiency results in recurrent infections with catalase-positive organisms, similar to S.


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