Bad Weather

SKIP will follow advice from the Education Bureau regarding the suspension of classes during inclement weather. Please check the situation before leaving home:

As a general guideline only, the following arrangements apply:

Rainstorm warnings

Amber: school open and running as normal 

Red or Black: 

Before class starts:

  • Issued between 6am to 8am, morning classes will be cancelled.
  • Issued between 10.30am to 1pm, afternoon classes will be cancelled

During sessions:  The class will continue until the end of the session.  You do NOT need to collect your child/leave before the end of the session.

Tropical Cyclones/Typhoons

Signal No. 1:  School open and running as normal

Signal No. 3:  School will be closed. If  No. 3 or higher is hoisted during class times, you should collect your child as soon as possible.

Local Weather information can be found at